A downloadable game for Windows

An attempt to combine match-3 and roguelike mechanics.

Drag with mouse to match your gear's tokens and fill the bars, attack with abilities (a to f) when bars are full, find randomized gear every time you beat a monster.

Version 1.1: Matching skulls will perform an auto attack. Matching 4 or more will give you an extra turn.

You can click equipped items to examine them.


Dismatch - WIN32 (original 7drl submission) 5 MB
Dismatch 1.1 - WIN32 (reworked and improved) 4 MB


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Well, I now regularly reach the wizard's throne and am killed by the wizard. But sometimes he kills me twice: If you die while your armour is charged (or whatever that is called), you can heal and play on for some time!

nice little game!!
Is there a way to save (or autosave since it's a roguelike) so you can continue your quest from your last won battle instead from the beginning?

Fun to play! Skulls brought lots more RNG, seems to me. New hp system is great, everything clearer. Can't wait for more updates :-) Great game!

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Version 1.1 is out!

Featuring the following changes mostly based on your feedback:

  • Faster animations
  • Autoattack symbols (skulls)
  • Four-matches now give extra turn
  • A new hp system on top of the old limbs system
  • More information on clicks and mouseovers 

Still not implemented but planned for version 1.2:

  • Rebalancing enemies, more enemy types
  • More items, more item types, loot tiers
  • Board affecting abilities, that destroy or change tiles
  • More clear distinction into tanking, dps and support among the equipment slots

Check out version 1.1 and stay tuned!

(The original Dismatch.rar kept for 7drl purposes)

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Great job. Anything that would pick up the pace would be great. Faster Animations and maybe even dropping the hit rolls altogether. Auto attack would be cool. A guy named bridgs, who does some Pico-8 dev tutorials on YT had a similar idea. Only the matches were different spells. Also maybe make it an arena/duel style game instead of a generic dungeon type crawl might be better. Anyway, great job and I've added it to my collections.


Funny you should say that, because version 1.1 is all about picking up the pace. Please check it out and tell me what you think!

Well done. Very slick interface. Things react on mouseover and are explained when they are clicked. Would be nice if you could also implement this kind of behavior for the body-parts.

Many things were cut for the 7drl due to time restraints. I'm planning to expand it in the future with the missing features and a rework of the systems, pacing and balance. More details for the bodyparts is in the works.

Okay, the 7drl is finished, and the submission is what it is, but I have long term plans for this project. This was just a hastily cobbled together prototype that shows viability, the plans are to expand it into a real boy.

Features considered for the future:

* Rework of the limbs system to make it strictly secondary to a more traditional hitpoints bar.

* An autoattack symbol to make gameplay more fast and dangerous.

* Board manipulation abilities for both the player and the enemies.

* Total refactoring of items abilities and handcrafting enemies and their abilities.

* Music and sounds.

With proper refactoring this could turn out great.  Feel free to post any feedback too, I would really appreciate it!

I enjoyed playing the game! Probably did so for almost 30 minutes. I don't think I got out of the White Plains, but I did kill a half dozen rats and hawks. I didn't feel like there was a way to set up consistent 3+ matches; if I prepared one, the opponent matched it first. I suppose I didn't really set up really devious plans where matching 3 down at the bottom would connect 3+ at the top. Additionally, I felt as I progressed, enemies were getting stronger and blocking more of my damage, but I never really felt I was in danger. 

Honestly, I think with a bit more than 168 hours, this could be a really interesting and worthwhile concept!

Thanks for playing my game. To be honest I barely finished all the mechanics in time, so there was no time to test and balance anything. It is what it is.

I'm definitely considering on expanding, polishing and reworking later.

Day 5 progress: 

Well, that's a beginning.

Got the basic match grid prototype, the symbols and colors seem to fit. Next goal, the actual matching with animation and all.